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             My sister phoned yesterday. In our conversation she mentioned that she is developing osteoporosis, and she warned me that her doctor said that women like us who need to take thyroid supplements are more likely to have problems with osteoporosis. We traded ideas for increasing our calcium absorption, like making sure we get enough vitamin D from the sun. I mentioned my practice of making bone broth, and she took notes.

            Now I’ll pass along the tip to you.

            It’s hard for the body to absorb calcium from supplements. Milk and milk products are much more easily absorbed, unless you are sensitive to milk, like me. I’m lactose intolerant. I only drink milk if I need a laxative. So my favorite source of easy-to-absorb calcium is the yummy soups and stews I make from homemade bone broth/soup stock.

            Whenever my family bakes, roasts, or broils a chicken or turkey, I make bone broth (also known as soup stock) from the carcass and bony parts. The basic idea is to extract as much minerals, flavor, and unrefined gelatin as possible out of the bones by boiling them in water. Here’s how: (more…)

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