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I was telling my hairdresser today about our visit with our granddaughters. “You can tell that Tweety (age 4) has two scientists for parents,” I told her. “I was taking the two little girls to the back of the property to sit in Great-Grandma’s glider, and I told Tweety we had to slow up for her little sister because I can’t pick up Doodle (almost age 2).”

Tweety: Why can’t you, Grandma?

Me: Well, the doctor told me I shouldn’t pick up anything over 20 pounds, and Doodle weighs more than that.

Tweety: Why, Grandma?

Me: Well, my bladder is in the wrong place.

Hairdresser: So she asked you what a bladder is?

Me: No, she didn’t. She knew. I just said my bladder was in the wrong place and the doctor tried to fix it with surgery, but the stitches pulled out. She didn’t say another word about it, but she must have been thinking about it through the afternoon. That night at supper time, we were all sitting at the table eating and talking, when there was a little lull in the conversation, and in the silence Tweety asked in a worried tone, “How do you pee, Grandma?”

How many 4-year-olds would know what a bladder does, and then put two and two together that way? Scientifically informed or not, though, all 4-year-olds do seem to have an exquisite sense of time and place for asking really personal questions.


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